intellectual erotica

“You Lay Writhing”

Hey, my lovely Doris got yet another mail from our voyeur friend: YOU LAY WRITHING.. sun-dappled as the branches overhead sway in the hot midday breeze. An overripe peach falls and rolls off your sleek torso.. and another as the black birds, big bastards, caw raucasly. And the air gets colder for a moment goosepimpling your skin with a perfect pattern of raised bumps.. a second skin.. of miniature sun-sculptures.. but then you are sweating, like a hot animal, your mouth open.. gasping.. Read more [...]

“Your Bush Is Bristling”

My lovely wife got mail from our preferred Voyeur: Doris..YOUR BUSH IS BRISTLING with the midday fire of the sun.. your vagina a conflagration.. your labia glowing orange.. so alive under the cover of female fur.. exposed to me the interloper with my hot little mind, my brain hungry for those second lips of yours.. my dry mouth needing to wet itself on them as they throb.. I’m a dirty visionary, wandering in a wasteland.. like all men.. seeing you and another man straddling Read more [...]Related PicsGymnastics for Voyeurs Movie Promo: Following Doris Sweet Darling Doris Southern Charm Doris My Job in Her garden

The Imaginary Triad

Doris gets a fair amount of love mail, Platonic love for sure, yet naughty and prurient at the same time. It’s all about men’s nature. As her man, I’m responsible for all of this, for making her erotic web sites, for filming her with my cock in her mouth, for having her pose naked, and posting the pics on the web, for instigating the romance in her writing, and so on. The expected effect on Doris’ psyche is a pleasant post-Godzillian sovereign maturation, as opposed to the mothering-specific prolonged Read more [...]Related PicsBlowjob Before Breakfast My Happy Cougar Bee Trees in Flower Backyard Blowjob A Hungry Voyeur

Her First Fuck

Doris posted this morning a new blog on her HSiM dang space platform of considerations. Although it’s written for the ladies, I reproduce it entirely below:   Your First Fuck – Enduring Romance by Doris Dawn Notice that I’m not diluting the subject by talking about your first love, but instead I wish to address the painful matter of your first fuck. Let’s ignore the act per se, for a starter, and let’s try to analyze the aftermath. After a first fuck, you may have got one of the following: Read more [...]Related PicsOver the Pink – Movie Timeline Casual Fashion A Porn Parody Midlife Sex & Masturbation A Bum Slip

Retrospective 2012

This Summer Solstice I commenced posting nude pics on WW (never did that before on a public site!). It was the start of a new and very exciting adventure because I had no adult site at that time, I was quite hesitant about the idea and had not much confidence in myself. Hubby provoked me to see “what others say” about my aging body. Well, the “others” (aka. you, WW watchers) proved him right and gave me the needed courage to step into a new parallel life. WOW! I wish to wrap up this year with a short Read more [...]Related PicsA Braided Head Job Did She Tell Me to Make the Film? Naked Doris, Garden Movie Clips Autumn Upon Us No Games, Just Sport

The Penis Test, Make Eye Contact

This is not new and I was there, done that. It’s about you — the macho man — measuring how fat you are by a very simple test. Can you see your dick when you pee? Is your beer belly round and wide enough to cover the view of your hand down there holding your precious body fellow? Further on, peeing like peeing, but when you jack off I bet you’d wish to stare at least at the head of your dick. Sure, you may do this in front of the mirror and Voila! Problem solved. Or you may masturbate in front Read more [...]Related PicsShy Strip in the Morning Sunshine Doris Roams the Surrounding Fields, Topless Nude Bunny by the Clematis Work Out in the Morning Tango Tanga Bunny

A Comic Party About Online Masturbation

There are things in life that you hear about from others and then you ALWAYS say to yourself: “This will never happen to me!” Well, sometimes it happens to you, and then you say out loud: “I never thought this will happen to me!” Here I am blogging to you: “It happened to me!” “What? What? Did you get laid in public? Are you naked on the cover of a magazine? Or did you see your poster-size photo on the side of a NYC bus with a graffiti sprayed cock pointing to your mouth in awe? Did Read more [...]Related PicsTopless and Shy Doris Doris as a PinUp Gal Candid Bunny on the Bench Talking to Roses Pussy Hides Behind Mallows

Adoration for Your Woman

Found this image posted on tumblr. It’s a statue exposed at the Sex Museum in Korea. There’s an entire Love Land island park for you to roam. Some postures are just vulgar — with their only value of displaying body functions and instinct actions. Interesting but not outstanding. However, this statue has a particular touch of art in it. The kneeling man left his trousers on. He is not there to show off. It’s not his wagging thing the center of attention. But, like Atlas, he is here to sustain Read more [...]