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Nude in Garden - a Midlife Experiment

Doris is my wife. She is a 50 something woman. The woman that I love. She has given me four children: two of them adults and a pair of twins, still in their teens. Late on a Sunday, few Easters ago, I had to drive her to the ER with symptoms of a heart attack. Turned out, said the docs, that she had signs of burnout syndrome and that night she was experiencing an intense panic attack - similar symptoms, just not life threatening. We had to do something about this. No! Not taking her to the psych ward, as the doc suggested, handling her to another doc, transforming her into a patient. I love her too much to let the system loose on her. However, we had to prevent more drastic panic attacks from happening. And yes, to gradually recover from the burnout state.

I've heard of behavioral therapy. That it helps you out from difficult situations. I know that the social norm for 50 something women (and men possibly) is being invisible. Carry on with your parental duties, work and pay the bills, provide understanding and emotional support, along with the fridge (that fills itself by magic). Be the silent laborer.

In order to fix this imbalance, Doris was in need for "metime" and for a well deserved visibility. Like a flower, your woman blossoms in light, attention and love.

This is how our Nude in Garden adventure has begun. Doris never thought of being a nude model. She started posing nude when she was 42. Those were private photos. My compliments were answered by her with an invariant "You are subjective." Okay, let us see what others have to say...

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